A Bill of Rights for Credit Card Consumers?

Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii
Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii

HONOLULU (KHNL)  - For many, the credit cards in their wallets are turning into a pain in their assets, because of all the fine print from companies. But credit card reform could be coming from a Hawaii leader.

Paying with plastic, has become a popular pastime for many.

"I have five credit cards. My discover is maxed-out at a thousand," said Honolulu resident Aimee Reece.

Nothing could be simpler than swiping your credit card.

But for many, nothing could be more complicated than understanding the fine print that comes with the card.

The rates and fees explained on your credit card bills are written in anything but easy to understand language.

Newly introduced legislation by Congressman Neil Abercrombie would change that.

"You're entitled to clear and concise information that you can absorb," said Abercrombie.

Information to shield you from misleading terms or other gimmicks card companies use that end up costing you more.

"They want you think one thing while they do another remember," said Abercrombie.

"That's bait and switch. They offer you one thing, and then they trick you into signing up for something else."

The new legislation is a "bill of rights" for credit card consumers, to help with the sometimes overwhelming sea of numbers that can help drown people in debt.

"Because of the cost of living in Hawaii, how tough it is to pay for paradise, we want to make sure people with credit cards are not pushed any further than they need to be or should be," Abercrombie added.

The bill being heard in Congress on Capitol Hill, would also allow card holders to set their own limits on their credit.

And would not allow card companies to impose excessive fees on consumers.