Hundreds Spend Presidents' Day Watching Waves

WAIMEA BAY (KHNL) -- Lots of kids spent this Presidents' Day at the North Shore beaches of Oahu.

Light winds, sunny skys, and the promise of big surf draws hundreds to the north shore this Presidents' Day.

Julie Homister is visiting from Canada. "We came to the north shore because we desperately needed a vacation away from the snow," she said.

"I like the sun, I like to come out here it's pretty fun," Mililani resident Gavyn Takamori said.

Amatuers secured their flippers and boogy boarded.

"Some of my friends, they all do that, they body board, so I wanted to get into it, start conquering my fear already," Takamori said.

"We sort of tried to find a place where they guys could do some boogy boarding and the little ones could play a little bit in the waves," Homister said

Some slather on tanning oil, play beach games, and attempt to capture the crashing waves.

Jake Fullmer of Laie learned to boogie board from his eight brothers.

"Try not to go to low on the face, not too high, or you get thrown over. Just kinda stay one fourth the way down and it will pitch over you," he said.

Hundreds of kids decided to spend this Presidents' Day here at the beach boogie boarding but by Monday afternoon we are expecting a high surf advisory here at Waimea Bay, some of these waves could get up to fifteen feet.

"I like the ocean just scared of the waves, I don't want to get pounded that's why," Takamori said.

"For kids it's wonderful so, do you like the waves? Yeah she does," Homister said.

On days like this, when the surf is at advisory levels, boogie boarders say if you get stuck in a strong wave, just relax and it will take you to shore.