Chelsea Clinton Campaigns for Her Mother on Maui

WAILUKU (KHNL) -- For Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign, her daughter Chelsea is in Wailuku rallying support for her mother.

Her message was fairly short but she did say that she believes in her mom not only because it's her mom but because of the things she stands for including in terms of stewardship to the economy and bringing troops home.

"It is true that I believe in my mom because she is my mom and the best mother a daughter could imagine," said Clinton.

There were a lot of people that were encouraged.

"To see all these signs from the youngest future voters to all of you here, thank you so much for supporting my mom," Clinton said.

She said it's encouraging to see so many people show up in Hawaii.

From here, Chelsea goes back to the mainland But she didn't go into specifics about the competition between Obama and Clinton or anything to that affect.