Chelsea Clinton, Hawaii Senators Rally for Hillary Clinton

Sen. Daniel K. Inouye
Sen. Daniel K. Inouye
Sen. Colleen Hanabusa
Sen. Colleen Hanabusa

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- With just days before Hawaii's democratic caucus, campaigns for both presidential candidates made a big push here this weekend. A lively rally for Hillary Clinton drew hundreds to a Honolulu watering hole.

Clinton supporters and undecideds came out for a meet and greet.  Even those too young to vote showed up. One of Hillary Clinton's main supporters here in Hawaii says he believes Senator Clinton is the real deal."I've had the privilege of working on the white house task force on health and I can assure you she knew what she was doing," said Sen. Daniel K. Inouye.

As many fans as Clinton may have around the islands and the U.S., no one can stake claim to the title of her number one fan like her daughter. For the last three days, Chelsea has been island hopping for the "Hawaii for Hillary" campaign.

Chelsea said she had an extraordinary time here in Hawaii.  "Meeting people who are supporting my mom meeting, democrats who care so passionately about the issues my mom has worked on her whole life," she said.

She made it a point to reiterate those issues.

"Continue to work on whether it may be affordable housing, affordable quality health care, ending no child left behind or for really moving toward a sustainable energy future for all of us."

The limelight was not only on Hillary Clinton though.

Another state senator said she loves working with Chelsea Clinton.

"I've never seen anyone capture, capture the people of hawaii as she has in the three day she's been here.  She never grumbles, she's always smiling, and she's tireless," Sen. Colleen Hanabusa said.

Hanabusa reminds voters: "Go to your caucus sites on tuesday and take as many people as you can fit in your car or on the back of your bicycle."