Chelsea Receives Much Aloha, Dines At Zippy's

(KHNL) -- Chelsea Clinton is in Honolulu campaigning for her mom, Hillary Clinton. Chelsea Clinton attended a healthcare summit at the state capitol.

"It is because when Chelsea was a little girl Mrs. Bill Clinton, the First Lady, came to Hawaii she wanted to study universal health care remember that?" recalled Senator Colleen Hanabusa.

Chelsea didn't speak publicly other than one request, "Please caucus Tuesday."

She made her way through the crowd keeping a busy schedule

Besides healthcare, local voters waiting at the Koko Marina Zippy's for Chelsea's arrival wonder about her mom's stand on the Akaka bill. "See I wasn't clear but I'm sure she is going to support what her husband signed the apology bill," said John Rosa.

"It's our girl Chelsea and I wish it were her mom but we'll settle for Chelsea. I just think the whole thing is so exciting and I'm thrilled she's in my neighborhood," supporter Linda Marsh shouted.

Clinton supporters arrived on a trolley at Koko Marina.. It was decorated with red white and blue balloons and Hillary signs. Supporters and customers greeted Chelsea.

"Hi, how are you, thank you, me too.  I'm very happy to be here. Aloha, Hi, nice to meet you God Bless you, God Bless, you thank you very much", said Chelsea Clinton.

This is not Chelsea's first visit to the Koko Marina Zippy's.  In fact, she dined here as a child when her father was President and they have this plaque here on the wall to prove it.  Back then when she was a kid she ordered Italian chicken salad and a milkshake."

She posed for photos and even met the daughter of the waitress who served her family back in 1993.