Chelsea Clinton Arrives on Oahu to Start Three-Day Campaign

Chelsea Clinton
Chelsea Clinton

DOWNTOWN HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Senator Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea is in town, helping spread the word on the former First Lady's solution to health care, as well as other key issues.

She just flew in to Oahu Friday afternoon, and has already made a couple stops around the island, campaigning on behalf of her mom.

Chelsea Clinton starts her three-day campaign swing across Hawaii, visiting a new clinic she says mirrors her mother's cure to the nation's health care problems.

"This is so much of what my mom hopes we'll be able to have across the country, why she is so committed to universal health care," Clinton said.

The former First Daughter's pit-stop at the new Kalihi Palama Satellite Center is one of several stops she has planned on the islands, to help give her mom the edge over Hawaii-born Illinios Senator, Barack Obama.

The battle for Hawaii delegates comes next Tuesday in the Democratic Presidential caucus.

"As you think about whom you'll support in the caucus on Tuesday, as your professor was saying, Hawaii does have an important place in this process and that's why I'm here," she said.

In an appeal to young voters, Clinton visits the University of Hawaii West Oahu campus, where she answers students questions about her mother's political stance on key issues, such as the Iraq war.

"What she said was that we do have to pull our troops out not only to bring our troops home but to help catalyze real political progress in Iraq, I mean, we've actually seen that in the last week. I hope that continues."