Ulehawa Beach Park Reopens with a Clean Start

MAILI (KHNL) -- It's clean, safe, and welcoming people to enjoy it again.

It's the Nani Kai section of Ulehawa Beach Park, which got a five day makeover from city crews.

The cleanup work at Nani Kai was spurred mostly by residents, who complained to the city about the deteriorating parks.

City officials say they're going to need help to keep it looking like it does today.

Craig Stoskopf and son William enjoy a day in the sun.

"Just driving along the road, and found a nice spot. Plenty of parking. So pulled over," said Stoskopf.

Just so happens, they found one of the cleanest parks on the leeward coast.

Nani Kai Beach Park in Maili just reopened.

Crews spent the last five days picking up trash, cleaning and fixing the bathrooms.

As well as picnic tables and charcoal pits.

"I appreciate the effort," said Stoskopf.  "It's an unending effort. It does look a lot better than some of the other beaches for sure."

"They have done a great job of ensuring now, that this beautiful, Ulehawa Beach Park, the Nani Kai portion and surfers, is clean, is open, is accessible, for all of the people of the Waianae coast," said Mayor Mufi Hannemann.

Police are also enforcing the park's hours, which means people won't be able to camp here overnight.

It's just one way to keep it clean and safe.

"As much as we come in and clean the parks, we also need to know that the residents of this community will participate in an on-going effort to maintain the park and make it look as beautiful as it does today," said Hannemann.

A group of about 50 community members says it will keep the park clean.

But every little bit helps.

"The big pieces of trash are certainly gone. And when we leave here today, we'll take a handful of trash out with us."

This renovation is part of the city's efforts to clean up beaches along Oahu's leeward coast.

Mayor Hannemann says he is committed to keeping parks clean and safe for everyone.