Coach Les Reacts to New Turf at Murakami Stadium

Les Murakami
Les Murakami

MANOA (KHNL) -- He's special to both the Rainbows and the Vulcans.

Former head baseball coach Les Murakami is excited to see both programs compete, but he's also looking forward to something else.

There's no new carpet in Les Murakami's living room up on Waialae Nui Ridge. However, in his other "house" in Manoa - it's a whole different story.

"Anytime they do something to improve the Stadium, I'm very happy about it," said Murakami.

After 11 years of astro turf in Les Murakami Stadium, there's a new surface for the Bows to play on. It's called domo turf, and it's similar to the field turf in Aloha Stadium. Coach Les isn't at all saddened by the change.

"As for as astro turf is concerned, it served our purpose," he said.  "But from what everyone was saying, the turf was in bad shape, so if it needed fixing or it needed a new turf on, I was just happy they got the money and they did it."

And even though the playing surface changes, one thing will never change for coach Les. The memories he's made inside the ball park.

"We played a lot of big games there, sold out the stadium for many many games, played some big games in that stadium, and I'm very happy it was built, because I still think it is one of the, if not the best stadium in the nation," Murakami said.

Named after one of the best coaches ever in college baseball.

But what does Coach Les think about the change.

"Very excited because, I've never seen this type of turf you know, we've always played on astro turf you know, in looking at the pictures it looks very very good and I'd like to see it in person."

Coach Murakami's says he's never seen baseball played on this kind of a surface, and he's looking forward to seeing Friday's game with his own eyes.