Preschoolers Learn About Healthy Living During Fun Run

Jadin and Aiden Garcia
Jadin and Aiden Garcia
Babelyn Garcia
Babelyn Garcia

HONOLULU (KHNL) --  Preschool aged tots ran laps Friday in an effort to fight childhood obesity.

Babelyn Garcia cheers on her twin boys at Kauluwela Park during Oahu Head Start Preshool's first annual Fun Run.

"We have a lot of problems in Hawaii with obesity so I just think that if you teach them from an early age that they'll learn," Garcia said.

Jadin and Aiden run with 80 kids from preschools in town, while island wide over 1,600 preschoolers donned their running shoes.

"I'm fast, and I'm fast, I'm faster though," the twins said.

Richard Gallarde is a Family Advocate. "They are from four different schools, two from Lanikila one from our school Kauluwela and two from Kukui gardens," he said. The event teaches kids about healthy living.

"We don't eat pizza and twinkies for lunch," the twins said, "Fruit, apples, banana and apple."

"We also teach the parents about feeding the children good nutrition and introduce physical activity to them," Gallarde said.

"We take them to the park, they run around, chase each other so it's good exercise plus they have fun," Garcia said.

After three laps around the park, each runner received a prize after crossing the finish line.

Oahu head start preschools hope to add another 1,600 children to their enrollment next year.

They are recruiting children ages 3-5 for the new school year starting in August.