Big Waves on Oahu's North Shore Draw Hundreds of Spectators

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) -- Big waves drew surfers and spectators to the north shore after a strong north west swell closed beaches.

Sixyy to 75 surfers headed out to the point at Waimea bay to surf the monster sets.

Hundreds of people have chosen to come to the north shore for Valentine's day to get a view of these giant waves, but they may have to view them from afar because police have blocked off some beach access.

"Right now at Waimea Bay, we're looking at surf in the 15 to 18 foot range," said Kerry Atwood, a lifeguard.

"I would say some of them are getting even bigger than that sort of 35 ish on the face," said surfer Andrew Marr.

Marr was one of the first to paddle out.

"How many waves? Oh shivers I was lucky this morning maybe fifteen or twenty," said Marr.

Dangerous sets lead to injured surfers and broken boards.

"One of them suffered a laceration to his chin, a pretty deep laceration to his chin. And the other one was held down under a few waves and actually inhaled some water."

"It was sort of a hand me down from a friend but brand new these things are quite expensive 900 bucks or something so yeah I'll have to find a replacement somehow," said surfer Dustin Jones.

Lifeguards say when waves are this large powerful, it not a day for amateurs.

"Know your limit and if you are not conditioned and if your not experienced with this kind of surf, we strongly recommend that you just be a spectator today," said Atwood.

"I think we live on adrenalin on these wonderful days it helps yeah, I'll be tired tomorrow."

The high surf warning remains posted until 6 oclock Friday morning.