Pro Bowl, Pro Bono

The next time someone questions the value that we pay, as a state, to keep events like the Pro Bowl here, have them talk to the folks at Roosevelt High School, who just got a nifty new playing surface for the football field thanks in part to NFL help. Go ask the boys & girls club of Hawaii about the new youth facility that will be going up in Nanakuli, thanks to seed money from the NFL. There are many other stories about wonderful leave-behind projects from the NFL, the PGA, and other organizations that hold events in our state.

As money is always an issue here and elsewhere, when an outside entity chips in and uses its clout and resources to get something positive done for our community, we should take a minute to reflect on the fact that there is a residual impact to having these events and participants here. This goes beyond the nice weather and beauty shots that are part of the television package, of course. There are real, tangible benefits that our communities get, and that needs to figure into the equation when we hear about possibly losing some of these cherry events- like golf tournaments or all-star football games.

We all know about the positive tourism and economic effects of big events held here. But dig a little bit deeper, look beyond the actual events, and you will see some wonderful and concrete examples on top of that, which is why we need to make sure that Hawaii is perceived as a great place to hold events moving forward. Think about it...