Couples Renew Wedding Vows on Valentine's Day

Lei and Jojo Bulseco
Lei and Jojo Bulseco
Joy Peterson
Joy Peterson

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- Waikiki Beach showed off its romantic side, once again Thursday morning.

Some 30 love-filled couples took advantage of the world-renowned setting to renew their wedding vows. Couples stroll down the wedding aisle of sand and plumeria, to reinforce one of our culture's most sacred commitments.

A lei.

A kiss.

And a smile that just can't be held back.

This is, falling in love, all over again.

''Actually we got married in Vegas. So, this is really nice to have our own wedding ceremony," said Leigh Bulseco. "We came out here to renew our vows and just the weather and the spirits. It's lovely out here."

Lei and Jojo Bulseco are celebrating their third anniversary, this year.

But, they've got some work to do, if they want to catch-up with Joy and Vernon Peterson of South Dakota.

The Petersons are celebrating their 40th anniversary.

''We had a special evening planned. But, we didn't plan for this," said Joy Peterson. "We just found out when we got here and we were thrilled that we could partake in something as meaningful as renewing our vows."

This renewing of vows is purely ceremonial.

What happens here holds no legal weight.

But the ceremony does strengthen the bonds of love, on this day, and perhaps, forever.

''Maybe we should renew our vows every year, out here."