Kaneohe Car Wash Powered By The Sun

KANEOHE (KHNL)-At Windward Auto Spa all the brushes, sprayers and dryers in the car wash are powered by solar energy. The investment in solar cost more than a conventional system but owners feel it's the right thing to do.

This Kaneohe business is committed to protecting the environment. It's a segment in our year-long earth and sea project.

At Windward Auto Spa they say it feels good to drive a clean car. And they believe what feels even better is knowing this car wash is environmentally friendly.

"I think it's really cool, I didn't know it's solar panels I think it's really cool it's like that and I'm glad I am supporting something like this maybe they will open up more around the island," states customer Amber Kurosu.

"We decided to do the kind of operation here the basic idea is to conserve as much energy and water as possible while running a car wash so we have gone with solar power and recycled water, says manager Doug Krueger.

As you drive below, there are solar panels on the roof that provide power to the sprayers, brushes and dryer.

"Living on an island with this many people as much energy that can be preserved and as much water that can be preserved would be important things," adds Krueger.

"Fuel is getting so expensive oil and everything it's so limited especially for us have to get it from other places so I think this is good for an island like us," concludes Kurosu.

"Like most car washes on Oahu, Windward Auto Spa recycles all of the water used to wash your car, what's different is the pure clean system that guarantees a spot free rinse," describes reporter Beth Hillyer

And going green is good for business.

"Those who are hearing for the first time that we are going green and hear for the first time they come on board and say you have now got a regular customer for life at your car wash."

And soon they will generate so much electricity they'll sell some back to Hawaiian Electric.