Hawaiian Monarchy Celebrated

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's been one hundred and twenty five years since the crowning of King Kalakaua and Queen Kapiolani at Iolani Palace.

Today, on the same courtyard where the monarchs were crowned, the palace grounds come alive with a celebration of the legacy of the Hawaiian monarchy

The royal hawaiian band played like it did at the original coronation ceremony.

And the Navy, which was the only military presence during the coronation, performed a 21-gun salute.

"What we did here at the palace, hopefully we honored them in the way that they'd like to have been honored," docent Leilani Kupahu-Marino said.

Inside the palace, jewelry never before seen by visitors.

The ring worn by King Kalakaua on the day of his coronation.

And an 18-karat yellow gold necklace with ten diamonds given to the king during his royal tour around the world as well as an 11.75-karat capstone diamond the King had worn before placing it into a pendant and presenting it to Queen Kapiolani.

Both necklaces were donated from the private collection of Abigail Kawananakoa,

a descendent of the royal family.

Palace officials hope visitors will look beyond the pomp and circumstance and remember the legacy of the hawaiian monarchy.

"This is like a brand new history lesson, I feel fortunate to see this and learn about it," visitor Kim Herrington said.

"I hope that when our visitors leave hawaii they recognize it truly was a kingdom at an international level at that time," Kupahu-Marino said.

King Kalakaua's coronation ring and the other jewelery will be on display.