Hawaii Performers Express Aerial Art

Andrea Torres
Andrea Torres
Chandra Miars
Chandra Miars

NUUANU (KHNL) --  They dazzle their audiences from the sky. Four women who seemingly defy gravity make up the group Samadhi Hawai'i.

But don't call their routine gymnastics, because these aerial acrobats say their dance has much more flow, just like poetry.




All done from 15 to 30 feet in the air.

"There's some days that I am performing up and saying, oh my god, why am I doing this," said Andrea Torres.

"I have heard, yeah. People have warned me, you guys are a little crazy," said Chandra Miars. "This is dangerous. You guys have medical insurance."

This is the group Samadhi Hawaii practicing their aerial jam circus extravaganza.

Part sport.

Part art.

Entirely amazing.

"It feels great. It feels good for the body, get the blood flowing, it's a little hard. I don't know. It reminds me of being a kid again. being upside down on the jungle gym."

"Wow. How long you been doing this. Wow. You pretty strong."

Torres founded Samadhi after going to school in Canada to learn this performance art.

She says it's not about physical stregth.

"Single focus. You have to be single focused cause you cannot let go. One wrong thing, and you can fall."

Accidents do happen.

But Torres says nothing major so far.

The performers say the risk is worth it.

"The payoff is wonderful. To be able to do these things, on an apparatus, play, dance, it's just a really cool hobby and also job."

Fulfilling for them.

As well as the message for their audience.

The joy of living, of creativity, of expression, to enjoy, to be a part of to share.

Samadhi Hawai'i performs in various locations, including outdoors.

For more information on their performance schedule, click on the Samadhi Hawaii link.