Prisons & Garbage

Nobody wants a prison in his or her backyard. Matter of fact, nobody wants it nearby. There is no popular solution to where a new prison or prisons should be built in Hawaii. But build we must, as overcrowding creates numerous and obvious problems, and shuttling inmates to the mainland seems to have other problems attached to it. Yes, cost is also a factor, but something has to be done beyond the temporary tents that will apparently pop up next to a few island prisons. For how long will this be a temporary solution?

Likewise, what to do about the landfill issue in leeward Oahu is a constant concern, eyesore, and nose sore. Nobody wants garbage dumps in his or her backyard or neighborhood, and those who already have it want no more heaped on top. The idea of shipping our refuse elsewhere is seen by some as a possible solution, by others as an ecological or financial disaster waiting to happen.

Bottom line is that this stuff goes beyond the bottom line. It affects communities and people and future generations along with property values and perceptions. But someone's gotta make a call. The trash keeps piling up, and the bulging prisons are not going to thin out anytime soon. Who wants to make the call, unpopular though it may be? It might cost some people their elected positions, but these issues certainly won't be going away by making temporary fixes or through ignoring decisions that have to be made very soon. Think about it...