June Jones Talks about His Status Since Leaving Hawaii

(KHNL) -- It's the tale of two teams.

On the one hand, there's June Jones and Southern Methodist University, and on the other, there's Greg McMackin and the Hawai'i Warriors.

More than a month has passed since June Jones left Hawai'i for Texas. However, the former coach's actions can still effect the Warriors. With both teams running such similar offenses, for every player Jones gets, that's one Hawai'i can't. Plus, being in Dallas, June's ability to get play makers is that much larger.

"It's kinda interesting. There's so many kids in this immediate area. The number of DVDs, the number of tapes kids are sending to my right hand lady Terri, she gets as many in one day as she used to get in two weeks."

But Jones says that's not the only change he's seen after leaving paradise for the big "D." he's also gone from a team that went to a Sugar Bowl, to one who hasn't made a bowl since 1984, when the Mustangs played in the Aloha Bowl.

"It looked like they just needed a football guy, a football coach to get it done on the field, hopefully I can be that guy, and when it is, we'll all look back on it 20 years later and say wow, that was a lot of fun."

Looking back seven years this month, Jones miraculously survived a car wreck which nearly killed him. Since that accident, Jones has turned his attention to not only winning, but changing his players lives.

"I appreciated, probably a little more, the opportunity to effect the players that I coach. Not just football, but kids that are struggling, kids that have maybe less fortunate than some others. To give them maybe some of the things they need to be successful in life, not just on the field, but in the locker room and off."

Now there's only one more thing Jones needs to change.

"Getting sleep. I haven't been able to do that"

Despite the rushed recruiting, Jones signed 28 new players touching on every position except running back and kicker. Interestingly enough, according to scouts.com, SMU's recruiting class ranked 89th in the country, while UH's ranked 91st. And don't forget Coach Mack started two weeks after Jones.