How Will Hawaii look In The Year 2050?

HONOLULU (KHNL)--A task force held community meetings over the past three years and released their findings. They discovered much of the concerns we have today like housing and education are compounded as we look ahead to the future. Affordable housing is of grave concern especially for young people.

"We really need to do something now about our housing. That was the leading cause of their statement they didn't feel they could raise their families here and afford housing," said task force chair Russell Kokubun.

Lawmakers and community leaders unveiled the 2050 sustainability plan. The environment is a huge concern.

"Without a healthy functioning natural environment we won't have the simple things that we need to survive like fresh water and clean air," explained Mark Fox with the Nature Conservancy.

The committee feels we must plan for social services.

"I think the key here is that our economy and environment and social structures are things that we can pull together to make the community that we want," said Susan Doyle of United Ways.

Planners say you need to help mold the future..

"They can go from recycling to thinking about helping our environment to working toward getting better education so we can fill our jobs with talented and skilled workers."