Another Leeward Beach Sweep

NANAKULI (KHNL)--The clean up of Oahu beaches continues. First Ala Moana, now the focus is on leeward public beaches.

But that means many homeless campers are uprooted during the renovations and repairs. Pretty much everyone agrees the leeward beach parks need extensive improvements and the temporary closure is long overdue.

It will take city crews about a week to fix everything then the park will re-open Friday. Campers break down their tents. they pack and shuttle their households to a new spot on the beach.

"The beach sweep is starting and we had to move somewhere else and we have to decide where to go so just decided to come here," said camper Zariai Kaheaku.

For some families, this is their third beach sweep. "I'm hoping they are not stink and tow my car like they did last time, that was not well, I had everything in my van, they wouldn't even give me a chance," said camper Rose Cintron.

Rose has everything ready to go including her pets. "Well the cheapest rent that me and my friend look into was $900.  They don't have no $400 rent, no $650 rent that's why most of us is over here."

The campers won't be able to live here anymore. The park closes nightly starting Friday.

The city wants to provide safe, clean and well-maintained parks for all residents to use. But that leaves many families with an uncertain future.

"Where are you going to sleep tonight?"

"Over here, camp out over here for while. I don't know how long, for as long as I guess we can stay here," said Kaheaku.