Japanese Teenage Golf Phenom in Hawaii

Hawaii golf fans got a chance to see the sports newest teen phenom at this weekend's Pearl Open. The 16-year old stands out -- not only because of his game.

12-year old Trey Kidd and his dad check out the final round of the Pearl Open. Their eyes -- like most other people there -- on one person.

"I was just out here to watch Ryo Ishikawa," said Trey Kidd.

16-year old Ryo Ishikawa, from Japan, is the golf's newest teen phenom. Crowds and cameras follow his every move. More than 40 media members from Japan are covering the tournament.

"He's on the stage, and he's handling it quite well," said Bill Kidd. "I'm impressed."

"His pants are fancy, Japanese golfers are pretty fancy, but he's pretty good too," said the younger Kidd.

Last year, he was the youngest player ever to win a men's golf event in Japan. Last month, he turned pro, and signed endorsement deals, reportedly worth $10-million. Something that used to be the exception, but now becoming the norm.

"I think just, they work at it" said Trey Kidd, an aspiring young golfer himself. "Golf is becoming a more popular sport, and people are recognizing it, and having more respect for it."

"These young players are just fabulous," said Bill Kidd. "Their coaching is good, their equipment is good, and they're all climbing the mountain. They're doing a good job."

Trey said he hopes to be out on the course one day, competing at one of the state's biggest tournaments. But probably not in fancy pants.

Ishikawa was tied for 8th after shooting a 5-under-67 in Saturday's round two.

He shot a one-under 71 Sunday, not enough to win, but still, a good showing.