Honolulu Police Drug Bust Ends with Two Arrests

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- For the first time, police raided a suspected drug boat anchored off Oahu.  The raid began around 8 a.m.  Police arrested a man and a woman identified as Christina Sorenson and Nelson Leones.  Authorities say they've been investigating the boat at Keehi Boat Harbor for about a month.

The suspects reportedly ferried the drugs to shore in a small boat.  On the catamaran police found packets of crystal meth.

And nearby boaters say they could not ignore the drug related activity.

"It just became an unsafe enviroment for the people that were living here and using the areas they had people coming in wanting to buy drugs and going ins and outs. It's like living being in your residance. You don't want a drug house in your residence," Lt. Kent Harada said.

Residents would not go on camera but said drug activity is common in the area