Family Grieves Maili Woman's Death, Urges Drivers To Be More Careful

Leo Duropan
Leo Duropan

MAILI (KHNL) -- The family of yet another Oahu pedestrian is grieving.

Members of a Maili family are pleading with drivers to be more careful, after a crash killed their elderly loved one this week.

Snacks and flowers are placed at the site where a truck slammed into a 80-year-old woman Wednesday.

"I just shocked that happened to my grandma," Leo Duropan, victim's grandson, said.

Florentina Ganitano is the third pedestrian killed on Oahu this year. The mother of five, grandmother and great-grandmother died from her injuries Thursday, which happened to be her and her late husband's wedding anniversary.

"She was supposed to go to the Philippines in March," Duropan said. "So we used to, the last time we talked about it was like couple weeks ago, like she wanted to go back. But then she never make it."

Her family says her death could have been avoided. As Ganitano was making her way across busy Farrington Highway, investigators say a large vehicle in the second lane stopped for her. But a pick-up truck in the final lane did not.

"The driver should know that, you know, there's a person walking in a crosswalk. They should always stop and let them go, yeah," Duropan said. "And if other cars are stopping, you should always, you know, stop too."

He says his grandmother enjoyed walking around the neighborhood.

"She said it makes her healthy, yeah," Duropan said. "She, we told her, you know, just stay home and just rest, and she told us she'd rather be walking around and exercising."

Ironically, what she did to stay fit cost her her life.

"It's just hard to let go," Duropan said.

Funeral services are scheduled for March 1st. Ganitano's family plans to take her body to the Philippines for burial.