Valentine's Day or, as its thought of by some of us Martians -  another holiday for men to feel inadequate - is coming up in about a week. Now I don't pretend to be a relationship guru by any stretch, but I have figured out over the years that one thing that works is really making an effort, doing something cute, or different, or memorable. And it really doesn't have to be original, because if it's original for you and your valentine, then imitation, or thievery, truly is the most sincere form of flattery.

So here's my advice, which is worth about as much as some tips from those highly-paid, insincere gurus who tell you how to live through the TV screen. Do something fun, talk to your male and female friends about ideas that have worked for them and their significant others. Yeh, a quiet dinner, flowers, candy, a card, a special surprise, a singing telegram, balloons at work- those work well, but once in a while, mix it up with something off the wall. Keep it fresh. I believe the rule of cupid is that if you at least try, you really deserve full credit. And since you are being reminded of the big pink day coming up more than 12-hours in advance, you actually do have time to act and be creative, or at least be imitative.

And there's no charge for this incredible, actually mundane, tip. of course, I can't say I've always done a gold medal job myself on Valentine's Day; matter of fact, I don't think I get to the medal stand in most years, but as long as we are still breathing and still relating, we all have an annual shot at absolution and bliss- at least for a day. And to my wife, I do love you, lots, always. That's a start. Think about it...