Why Is It So Cold In Here?

HONOLULU (KHNL)--That's what a viewer who called our Talk Story line wants to know. She complains, the air conditioning at public places is so cold it's a waste of money.

We took our trusty thermometer out and discovered the State Capitol was about the worst offender.

Lawmakers even wrap themselves in blankets to stay warm. The viewer also complains it's too cold at movie theatres, restaurants and shopping malls.

"I think they are way over air conditioned. I always have to carry my sweatshirt with me like I am in LA or something. I go to school at HPU and it's always so hot outside and freezing inside I get sick a lot because of that," said Janelle Trusty.

Getting sick isn't the only cost. It's a waste of energy. Many at the State Capitol complain about the cold.

"Right now we are all freezing. I am wearing an undershirt and I wear an undershirt because I am so cold," said Rep. Cynthia Thielen.

Our thermostat reads 70 degrees. Some lawmakers wear leather coats, others wrap up in blankets to stay warm.

And with energy prices soaring many find the situation ridiculous.

"So we are paying 84% more for the energy we are getting in addition the administration had to ask for emergency money to cover the rising cost of electricity."

Representative Thielen and even the Governor are looking for ways to warm up the capitol and save on the state's energy bill.

The Governor says she has asked building maintenance to adjust the temperature. As for commercial buildings, well that is up to the owners and managers to cut their utility costs.