Local Airlines Lead Industry in On-Time Performance

Tom Southmayd
Tom Southmayd
Jean Southmayd
Jean Southmayd
Chris Junker and Christina Lardino
Chris Junker and Christina Lardino

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Flying is practically a way of life for those of us who live here.  Traveling to and from neighbor islands is fairly common, for both work and play.  And being on time can mean the difference between a good trip and a bad one.

Both Aloha and Hawaiian airlines did very well, not only for December but for all of last year.

Our great weather plays a factor, but both carriers say they make on time performance a priority.

Planes dump thousands of visitors every day at Hawaii airports.

Many travel on a tight schedule so getting somewhere on time is crucial.

"It's very, very important, especially if you're on business travel or a doctor's appointment," said air traveler Tom Southmayd.  "It's pretty much mandatory you have to be on time."

"You have a long enough wait at the airport," said Jean Southmayd.  "You don't want to be late. We like to be on time when we go places."

Aloha passengers can breathe a sigh of relief.  The airline finished first in December for on time performance.  Just next door, Hawaiian finished second but first overall for 2007.  Passengers hope other carriers bump up their on-time performance.

Passengers like Chris Junker who has missed connecting flights in the past because of flight delays.

"It's pretty annoying," said Junker.  "You put a lot of money. You take time off from work, go a long way, going to paradise here. You lose a day because of that.  It's pretty bad."

So Junker is happy he's flying on a carrier that has the best on time record in the industry.

"It's good to know.  In fact when I buy tickets, I check the on time performance and if I have a choice, I'll make my decision based on who does the best job," Junker said.

Still other passengers hope Hawaii's local airlines go a bit further.

"I think it's great they have the on time record," said Jean Southmayd.  "I think it would be nice if they could lower their prices a little for those of us who live here."

Some factors in Aloha and Hawaiian's favor: good weather, fewer mainland flights, and a smaller operation to manage.

But both carriers independently say they have conference calls every morning to go over any delays and troubleshoot problems.