UH Med School Career Day

Dr. Wendell Foo
Dr. Wendell Foo

KAKA'AKO (KHNL) -- It was a big night for the University of Hawaii's John Burns School of Medicine.

The students got a chance to talk with seventeen practicing doctors from different fields of medicine. Many of the students who dropped by are finishing up their second year in med school and this is a time they typically need to start thinking about what area of medicine they'll want to focus on in their career. So tonight they got a chance to meet doctors in many of the fields they are interested in themselves.

Dr. Wendell Foo helped set up this special night.

He says students are typically interested in general surgery, internal medicine, and cardiology. But his hope, is just to get the new doctors to stay in Hawaii.

He says, "There is a shortage. Lots of doctors are leaving unfortunately." He adds, "I think one of the main problems is having to do with third party pairs. Reimbursements for insurance is a major problem. I think if we could have perhaps more insurance company's, or more carriers win here, I think that will hopefully improve the reimbursement schedules.

Students we spoke with say, they plan on staying here in Hawaii, but the actual doctors told us, the pay is often times much better in other places of the country. So you really need to love living in hawaii.

The new dean of the medical school , Dr. Jerris Hedges begins his first day at the beginning on next month.