Wounded Warrior Center at Schofield

Heather Partain
Heather Partain
Joshua Floyd
Joshua Floyd

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS (KHNL)--Times have certainly changed since the Vietnam days when thousands of servicemen returned to the U.S. not as heroes, but often as forgotten people. Now here on Oahu, the opening of a place for soldiers.

They call it a Warrior's Place of Refuge. The soldiers and their families can get all the help they need, conveniently in one location.

Following a traditional Hawaiian blessing, honored guests dedicate this home of healing for wounded warriors.

"This allows the warrior to concentrate on their mission which is to heal," said director Heather Partain.

Inside they've created a homey atmosphere. There are plasma TVs. Cable and internet. Even a pool table.

This is an area where wounded soldiers like Private Fault can relax, enjoy video games, hang out with other troops and get better.

Mechanic William Ostrander is here to get better. "A lot of us warriors are appreciative of these people who are helping us," said soldier William Ostrander.

Infantryman Joshua Floyd was shot when ambushed in Iraq. "My goal is to get out of the Army and become a civilian teacher in history and this is going to help me with that give me all the information on classes and setting it up and go to counselors for me." believes soldier Joshua Floyd.

A setting for them to succeed.