Pro Bowl Players Find New Place to Practice

Ashley Dela Cruz
Ashley Dela Cruz
Darren Hernandez
Darren Hernandez
Chae Tam
Chae Tam

KAPOLEI (KHNL) -- Practice is underway for both the AFC and NFC squads for Sunday's Pro Bowl.

Their usual practice site at Ihilani is gone.

So the NFL had to hunt for a new temporary home.

They found the perfect place, that turns out to be a win-win for the league, and their new hosts.

Kapolei High School is home to the Hurricanes.

But this week, the NFL's best is calling it home.

"Yeah, I'm a Broncos fan, and somewhat Steelers fan, because of my mom," said Roy Williams.

The NFC and AFC all stars are using Kapolei's field for practices this week.

They are closed to the public.

Unless you happen to work or go to school here.

"That's the best part," said Darren Hernandez, Hurricanes Head Football Coach. "I get to hang out, and mingle and rub elbows with coaches and the players. It's a lot of fun."

"I don't know, I think it's pretty cool cause you can get real close and personal and stuff," said Kapolei student Chae Tam. "We can't really talk to them or anything, but it's cool just to see them work and practice and stuff."

A free show isn't the only plus.

The NFL sent a groundscrew to take care of the field two weeks ago, during the school's soccer practices.

"Don't ruin the field," said Kapolei soccer player Ashley Dela Cruz. "The guy worked super hard and we want the pro players see the field really nice for them."

The crew is also leaving thousands of dollars worth of equipment, for the school to maintain its two-year-old stadium.

"It's big. We do play about three or four games a year on TV, on our field. So we feel our field can be a showcase field for the OIA and maybe even state playoff stuff, so hopefully the NFL partnership will help us maintain an already nice field."

Kapolei's football coach also says the NFL is paying to install the bleachers on the visitors side of the stadium.

Again, practices at Kapolei are closed Thursday and Friday.

But fans can check the players out at Saturday's final practice at Aloha Stadium.