Voters Preparing for Hawaii Presidential Caucus

State Senator Colleen Hanabusa
State Senator Colleen Hanabusa
Chuck Freeman
Chuck Freeman
State Rep. Gene Ward
State Rep. Gene Ward

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Despite Super Tuesday taking place in 24 other states, political supporters here in the islands kept a close eye on Tuesday's election returns.

But now comes the real work: cranking-up their campaigns for this month's Hawaii presidential caucus. Virtually half a nation made their decisions, while the other half watched.

Heading into Tuesday, the polls revealed two primary trends:

Barely in the month of February, Arizona Senator John McCain already emerges as the Republican presidential nominee.

And with such a tight race between U.S. Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the race for the Democratic nomination is far from over.

Here in the islands, campaign organizers are already revving-up their political machines.

One would think homefield advantage goes to Obama.

The Illinois Senator was born here and graduated from Punahou School.

Yet, big names, notably Hawaii Senior Senator, Dan Inouye and State Senate President, Colleen Hanabusa, support Hillary Clinton.

''She is a proven product," said Hanabusa. "She can tell you and she can show you how she can effectively run this country and that's what this country needs and she is the person we believe, Senator Inouye and I believe, can best serve this nation."

''This is an extraordinary man for extraordinary times," said Chuck Freeman, an Obama supporter.  "We really face so many challenges, nationally and internationally. He's trustworthy, has great judgement and guess what, he comes from Hawaii."

Island Democrats will hold their caucuses and presidential vote on February 19th.

As for McCain, island supporters are just waiting to see who they'll face in the presidential finals.

''He'll be good for Hawaii," said State Rep. Gene Ward. "He knows the military and he'll be the candidate to end the war in honor and success."

Hawaii's Republican presidential caucuses end Tuesday night.

Americans living abroad also cast their primary ballots.

An estimated six million Americans are eligible to vote around the world.