Disturbing Trend of Cyber Bullying

Julia Wong
Julia Wong
Justin Mew
Justin Mew

By Minna Sugimoto

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A girl is slapped around and tormented in front of St. Patrick's church in Kaimuki. The amateur video shows up on the popular on-line site YouTube.

"Oh my God. It breaks my heart. It's so sad," said parent Julia Wong.

The victim, in a Sacred Hearts Academy uniform, is surrounded by at least three girls, and is hit repeatedly during the three-minute clip. Parents call this a disturbing trend.

"The olden days, they have the bullying in the school. But now, they have it that everyone else can see it over the internet. I think that's horrible," said Wong.

There are reports the aggressors in the video attend Niu Valley Middle School. Principal Justin Mew just learned about it.

"First thing, embarrassed," said Mew. "You know, we don't teach our students to behave in that manner."

Although this case is still under investigation, Mew says he's wasting no time reviewing how his school handles bullying and the internet.

"Even though it was off campus and not our responsibility, well, what they're learning in school is not transferred," he said. "So we have to re-visit our programs, our counseling and our advisory programs to see what we can do to shore it up."

The principal of Sacred Hearts Academy says she won't comment while the case is being investigated.