Haleakala Park Operations Back to Normal

HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK  (KHNL) -- Operations at Haleakala National Park are back to normal because of warmer temperatures.

In the past 24 hours, the summit saw high winds, rainfall and muddy conditions.  All the rain at the summit has melted the ice and snow.

Park officials say the roads are no longer icy but rainfall and high winds are still expected.

"I think we're gonna have the same kind of rain, low visibility like we had for the last week. I'm not really anticipating any snow, but you never know," said Dominic Cardea with the Haleakala National Park. "Early in the morning, every morning, we drive up to make sure there's no ice on the roads.  If there is, we'll see how bad it gets.  Mainly, we're concerned about the black ice if it does show up."

All Visitors Centers are open during regular hours.

The warmer temperatures will keep the park open until further notice.