Shopping Cart Clean-up Proposed

WAIPAHU (KHNL)--Some Oahu neighborhoods are plagued with unsightly shopping carts.

Now a Hawaii lawmaker wants to clean up the streets by holding retailers responsible for gathering up the wayward cars. It's this kind of abandoned shopping cart that is causing problems. A local lawmakers estimates there are thousands littering the island.

In Aala Park, some people use borrowed shopping carts for hauling around their worldly goods. They tote their stuff around in more than one cart, parking them all together in make-shift storage sheds.

In Kalihi, the shopping carts are everywhere. Many belong to local discount stores and supermarkets. Now there is an effort underway to hold the retailers responsible for removing these.

Representative Rida Cabanilla said, "The refuge department can pick up abandoned carts and they collect them and store for 45 days, 45 days for store owners to retrieve carts for fee of $50 handling fee."

Representative Cabanilla drafted a bill she hopes will clean up carts like these in her district.

"They have approached me about doing something about this situation because apparently they man they call homeless, I"m not sure he is homeless has been squatting here for a couple of years."

Stores don't want many of them back because they are full of stuff and rusty.

But under the bill if store owners don't pick them up they will be charged $100 and the state will recycle them. Neighbors don't care how, they want the carts removed.

"Kinda of a mess around here, we want to get rid of them as soon as possible," said neighbor Albious Namdrik.