Sailors Enjoy Super Sunday with NFL Players

PEARL HARBOR (KHNL) -- Super Bowl Sunday means super parties. But one party on Oahu didn't need fancy food or expensive electronics to be special. This party was on board a warship at Pearl Harbor.

The thing that made it special was the guests, and the message they brought for their hosts.

No luxurious sofas. Only one big screen Tv. And nothing fancy on the menu. But this is big time.

"Special occasion," said San Diego Chargers fullback Lorenzo Neal. "It's gotta be up there at the top."

"It's good. It's nice. I like it," said one sailor.

This Super Bowl party is in the galley, on board the USS Chosin. About 150 sailors enjoy the big game with a Pro Bowl cheerleader, and three Chargers.

"It's pretty disappointing," said one sailor, who's a Chargers fan. "I was expecting them to be on that tv right there, watching them, but we got next year. Hopefully we do it again next year."

But partying with them, and showing off their home is a nice consolation prize.

"Yeah, I'm having a lot of fun," said one sailor.

"It's amazing to see these young men operating a billion dollar ship with so much firepower and so much capability," said Neal. "Makes you in awe, and happy and proud to be an American."

And these sailors are proud to enjoy Super Sunday with some of their heroes.

"I'm not enjoying the game with my family right now, but I'm pretty sure they had somewhere else to be," said one sailor. "It shows a lot of character that they can be here enjoying and having some lunch with us."

The players say it's the least they can do.

"We look up to them," said Neal. "We all have to look up to them because this is the reason why I'm able to play football on Sundays and do the things that I do."

"Freedom is not free," said Neal. "There's a commitment and there's a lot given for freedom. This is a country that people wanna be because of that fact that things that it represents, and that's why you need a strong military."

With an equal amount of support.

The Chosin just returned from deployment late last year.