South Maui Playground Burns to Ground

KIHEI, MAUI (KHNL) -- South Maui parents and kids are angry about a recent fire at a county playground. Arson is suspected, and many in the community are frustrated. This is the only playground in South Maui. Hundreds, even thousands, of kids use this park. Parents like Celine Stevens discovered it last week. "My four-year-old, Megan, was in tears. 'Where do I play now?' she asked."

This is Stevens' two kids at the burned out wreckage that was once their favorite playground. "I'm fuming. There's nowhere else for all the kids to play," said the mother of three.

But happier times are ahead for the Stevens family as well as other South Maui children. Volunteers at the Kalama Park Action Team say a new playground is on the way in the spring.

The Kalama Park Action Team, which is comprised of concerned citizens, started doing patrols of the park three years ago to keep it safe from crime, said volunteer Mark Coronesi. It may step up night patrols again in light of the recent fire. If you'd like to volunteer, go to