Recycle Mania Starts at UH-Manoa

Shanah Trevenna
Shanah Trevenna
Tamara Armstrong
Tamara Armstrong

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- How much can one college recycle? That's a challenge Univerity of Hawaii's Manoa campus is taking on, in a friendly 10 week (January 27 to April 5) competition with 400 other colleges across the nation. This weekend, UH kicked off Recycle Mania.

The music and the food drew them out, but students and faculty that stayed at this recycle mania festival got a lesson in going green. Shanah Trevenna says she hoped to attract "student involvement, and getting the faculty and everyone that cares about the state of Hawaii to come out and celebrate the fact that great things are going on."

Student Tamara Armstrong, who was out enjoying the party, enthused, "I think it's wonderful. I have never seen anything like this on campus."

This pile of trash was the centerpiece. UH is competing with 400 other American colleges to see who can college the most recyclables, including plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, and cardboard.

"We import everything and it goes into the landfill in Hawaii. We need to recycle as much as possible," encouraged Trevenna.

Armstrong added, "It reminds us there's the opportunity to recycle."

Students also point to Saunders Hall, on campus, as a model for green. (See link.)

Trevenna said, "We're putting solar panels and wind turbines on the building. We're getting people to change their behavior and get really conscious about how to make this place sustainable or even better."

Last year's national competition collected an astonishing 41.3 million pounds of recyclables. That is equivalent to eliminating one year's impact of 12,367 passenger cars.