Brennan Shows 'It' Off Again

(KHNL) -- For the last three years, Hawaii's known that Colt Brennan is a unique guy.  He has that 'it' factor.  The one that makes the good ones great, and the great ones legends.

Brennan had a chance to show it off again on Saturday, on ESPN.

The Warriors former top gun, was one of five college quarterbacks invited to participate in this skills challenge. But he was the only one featured in a sit down interview.

"When I grew up as a kid, football was my love," said Brennan.  "The first year I played pop warner, my coach was like, 'you're a quarterback' and that was all I played ever since."

And played well.  Now he's on the verge of getting paid to play.

Colt says it's thanks to his other love.

"Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth," he said. "They pride themselves on being good people, and having good character. If you're a good person, with good heart, and treat people with respect, you'll go a long way at Hawaii."

"I went there to be happy," he said. "I just acclimated myself to the people, the culture and just grew with them. and a great relationship blossomed over the years i was there."

So much, it pushed him to wear his emotions, in his hair. The islands are still in his heart, even though he's back to the old 'do.

He has a good reason.

"Now I'm back to the preppy schoolboy look -- trying to get a job," said Brennan.

The challenge was taped earlier in the week in Arizona.

Colt won the accuracy competition, was second in the quarterback scramble, but was last in the long ball, with a 60-yard throw.

Up next, the NFL combine starting February 20.

The NFL Draft is April 26-27.