Thousands Attending Punahou Carnival

MANOA (KHNL) -- It's the first Friday night of February.

And that means, the Punahou Carnival is now underway!

Tens of thousands of people are expected to descend on the campus in Manoa.

But before that happened, a year's worth of work went into preparing for the big weekend.

This is it.

The mad scramble to get all of the booths in order, the signs just right, the people in their proper places.

As tradition would have it, the carnival is completely organized and lead by the junior class.

Elyssa Grief is the co-chair of this year's Punahou Carnival - along with junior classmate -- John Giao.

These two are the primary organizers of this weekend's event, that's been virtually a year in the making.

"It's super exciting. Everybody in their individual booths are setting up all the equipment they need, and getting all the food ready," said Grief.  "They need to prep all the tables, get all the name tags for the workers ready."

All of this can be considered a "living laboratory", if you will - a chance for these students to learn about how to run a business, how to market it, how to deliver the goods in a high pressure situation.

And this is serious business.

The Punahou Carnival, is expected to net close to a half-a million dollars.

That money will fuel the school's financial aid program as well as pay for student activities.

"All the people who come here and supports us and buy our stuff. It puts 75 students on full scholarship," Grief said.  "It's amazing."

But, in the grand scheme of things, it's just a carnival, a time for families and kids to have good clean fun.

Rain or shine.

"That's Punahou Carnival, the rain. But, it'll be great no matter what happens."

The carnival began at 11:00 Friday morning.

And it runs all the way until 11:00 at night.

Same thing Saturday.

The money raised here -- will benefit the -- Punahou Financial Aid Program -- as well as, various student activities.