Saint Louis School Students Give Back

Pio Faamatau Jr.
Pio Faamatau Jr.

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Students at Honolulu's Saint Louis School give back to the community for the school's annual Father Chaminade Service Day.

Over 900 students, teachers, parents and volunteers participate at locations all over the island.

Middle school students played games out on the school's field for charity.

Each student had sponsers donating money for every field goal they kicked, sprint race they won, or soccer goal they scored.

Middle School Class President, Pio Faamatau Jr. said, "We're giving back to the community and we love the community so much that we want to help the community."

Freshmen are reading books to students at Elementary Schools, sophomores are helping restorations projects at the USS Missouri, and juniors and seniors are working on environmental projects.