Island Chain Experiencing Winter Weather

Rainbow across Honolulu
Rainbow across Honolulu
Snowfall coats the top of Haleakala
Snowfall coats the top of Haleakala
Hailing on the Big Island in the Lokahi Makai Subdivision
Hailing on the Big Island in the Lokahi Makai Subdivision

OAHU (KHNL) -- Across the island chain, heavy downpours and chilly conditions.

Snow on Maui and hail on the island of Hawaii.

Stormy weather hits parts of Hawaii, while other areas are experiencing winter weather usually seen only on the mainland.

Here on Oahu, there have been gray skies and showers, some of those even moderate.

Up to about an inch of rain over these mountains throughout the day.

But the west side of the the Big Island has seen that much rain dumped in just three hours.

And that island is under a flood advisory.

Just some of the severe weather to hit the state Tuesday.

Gray skies move in over Oahu.

Just one part of the state to see showers...the view from the sky shows the rain falling especially over the mountains, valleys and eastern side of the island.

All the rain, also made for some spectacular rainbows.But this wet weather also meant it was slow going on a number of roads and there were some traffic related accidents because of the hazardous driving conditions.

On the valley isle, not only are they dealing with chilly conditions for Upcountry Maui, you can see snowfall has coated the top of Haleakala.

Our See It Snap It Send It in box is filled with pictures of this wintery look to Maui.

But the snow, ice and gusty winds have closed the Summit area, everything past the Haleakala Visitors Center.

Over on the Big Island, not only have residents received rain, including downpours for the leeward side of the island and even scattered thunderstorms,

Some also have gotten hail.

Take a look at these icy balls that fell over the Lokahi Makai Subdivision which is just a few miles above the Kona International Airport.

This winter hailshower began around 11:00 Tuesday morning.

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Konane Parsons : Snow on Haleakala
Puanani Giddens-Cortez : Hail on the Big Island