Federal Departments Promote Ways to Save Planet

Daniel Basta
Daniel Basta
Andy Karsner
Andy Karsner

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) -- Two Federal departments joined forces Tuesday to promote sustainability and energy effeciency within their respective offices.

But if goes as planned, the effects could be felt globally.

A traditional oli, exclaiming "This is the dawn of a new day" open the morning proceedings.

And within moments, the U.S. Energy Department, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration basically, signed a promisary note to 'change their ways' and find innovations to help save our planet.

''One of the ways we need to, and we will, walk the talk, is not only what we do at our 31 facilities. But, what we do in the communities in which we live," said Daniel Basta with the National Marine Sanctuary Program.

On the surface, this partnership appears to be stretch.

But the U.S. Energy Department sought out NOAA because the Oceanographic Department had already implimented a handful of sustainability initiatives.

''We created the first ever, fully green vessel in NOAA. Odd, that it smells like potato chips. But, it can be done," Basta said.

U.S. Energy Department Assistant Secretary, Andy Karsner, went on to explain, this pact is a natural, as the earth, its oceans, and its renewable energy sources, are all inter-related.

''The more solar pannels we get on peoples' homes and empower people to be part of the change that we want to see in the Hawaii clean energy efficient the greater the possibilities that the food supply from the sea can be with us for generations," said Karsner.

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