Netflix Shows off Top Secret Distribution Center

Steve Swasey
Steve Swasey

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The world's leading online DVD rental company Netflix has a hub right here in Hawaii and for the first time, it's opening it's doors.

Some Netflix members may think it's magic the way DVD's show up in their mailbox with lightning speed.

But it's not. It's a combination of technology and good, old-fashioned manual labor.

"Netflix associates right do a very high tech term, stuffing DVDs," Netflix Vice President of Communications, Steve Swasey, said.

Hawaii's distribution center opened in 2004 and now 'stuffs' more than 20,000 movies a day.

"This will go in the United States mail to Netflix members all over the Hawaiian Islands, Tomorrow. I'll have this in your mailbox tomorrow," Swasey said.

Netflix has over 50 distribution centers like this one here in Honolulu, that are dedicated to getting their customers their DVD's by the next day.

"Lots of places where most companies don't have distribution centers, Netflix does. Because we want our members in all places around the United States to get their DVD's as fast as everybody else in San Francisco or New York," Swasey said.

Swasey says if all seven million Netflix members drove to and from a rental store, they would consume 800,000 gallons of gasoline.

"For $13.99 you get three DVD's out at a time, unlimited rentals so you can rentals so you can watch as many as you want and you can watch them online," Swasey said.

Later this year the company is partnering with LG to offer a console, like a DVD player, that streams Netflix movies.

Earlier this year, Netflix delivered it's one billionth DVD since the company's subscription service was launched in 1999.