Possible New Smoking Ban

HONOLULU (KHNL)-Smokers are fired up over another ban that could hit them where they live, as lawmakers take aim at taking away another place to light up.

For some who live at Honolulu's Mayor Wright public housing, smokers are making their lives miserable.

"I literally have to keep my front door closed 24/7 because of the smoke." says Mayor Wright Resident, Fetu Kolio.

Hawaii already bans smoking in restaurants, bars and other areas. now public housing could be next.

Thanks to a bill introduced by Senator Gary Hooser. "The way the bill is written right now, is people would not be able to smoke in public housing. But management would designate a common area to smoke."

But many who light up are fired up and fed up over the treatment of smokers. "We feel like we're being treated like second class citizens." says Kawika Crowley, with Hawaii Smokers Alliance.

While some island bars are defying the smoking ban and allow customers to light up.

Some feel cutting off smoking at home is crossing the line.

But complaints, across the state, have lawmakers looking closely at putting out the smoke.

"This is a public facility, owned by the state. We have the responsibility to look out for the interest of children and people who don't smoke." adds Hooser.

And so there are some residents of public housing who are holding their breath, the latest smoking ban bill will soon allow them to breath a little easier.

There will be a hearing on this new bill at the State Capitol, January 29th at 1:30pm.

And along with fighting back against this bill, some smokers say they will also push lawmakers to allow bars the option of becoming smoke-friendly establishments.