Some UH Students Concerned About Number Of Security Alerts

MANOA (KHNL) -- A new warning about a possible stalker at the University of Hawaii Manoa has some students saying, not again. They say they're concerned over the frequency in which they're being alerted about campus security scares.

University of Hawaii junior Ebony Jones lives at Hale Noelani. She's on the lookout for a man suspected of stalking two women at her dorm Saturday night.

"I think it's terrifying," she said. "It's definitely a concern. I mean, you would think that here in Noelani apartments that we would have sufficient security, but we don't."

Two students from Japan say the stranger tailed them from Ala Moana Center.

"He followed them on the bus back to their apartment here at Manoa campus," Gregg Takayama, University of Hawaii, said. "And he followed them to their apartment room and wouldn't leave."

From reports of peeping toms to strangers following students around, some at the Manoa campus say it seems like security bulletins are being issued more often these days.

"This happens weekly. This doesn't happen once a month or, I mean, you know, once a semester," Jones said. "And it's definitely a concern for me and my safety."

UH officials say Federal law requires them to notify students when safety issues come up.

"If you lived in any community and you were to be informed of every burglary and theft and everything that happened in your neighborhood, you'd be surprised, I think, at the number of alerts you'd get," Takayama said.

Campus security officers have a photo of the possible stalker on file because they say the same man harassed another Japanese student near the East West Center in 2004.

University officials say the number of security incidents at the Manoa campus has actually gone down.