Last Drift Event at Aloha Stadium -- For Now

HALAWA (KHNL) -- It's like covering Randy Moss, or playing skins against Tiger Woods. Local drifters are getting the chance to face off against some of the world's best at this weekend's drift session.

Event organizers just hope this won't be the last time they get this opportunity.

Sliding, spinning out, and smoke.

This is the fourth and final drift event scheduled at Aloha Stadium,

and organizers wanted to go out with a bang.

"Competition is going really great," said Tracy Arakaki, of PunishUm Motorsports, the event's organizer. "Surprising from some of the local boys, but some of the local boys are gonna be kinda surprised at how they're gonna stack up against the real pros who do this for a living."

Saturday is qualifying rounds. Sunday, qualifiers get to test their skills against some of top drivers in the world, thanks to sanctioning by NOPI, a national drift series.

"The object here is to look and see and feel what's out here, what we can do, how we can build a relationship in the future," said NOPI president Mike Myers.

The problem -- no venue. The stadium authority granted drivers use of the parking lot as a temporary measure.

"I, for one, would be happy to introduce another motion to the board for reconsideration based on the outcome of this event," said stadium authority member Marcia Klompus. "How the neighborhood feels about the way things were handled, the noise level, and other concerns."

"Everyone's hoping its not going to be the last event," said Arakaki. "I know a lot of people are working really hard with us to help find other locations."

But until either of those things happen, drifting in Hawaii will come to a stop after Sunday.

Klompus says the drifters have done a lot to address noise and safety concerns of the neighborhood.

The event runs from 10 to 5 Sunday.