Women Learn Some Simple Moves For Assault Prevention

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Now a follow up to a Safety Alert we brought you last week about a womens' assault prevention course that was filling up after January's high profile domestic violence murders. The response was so overwhelming, a group of Hawaii Island women is flying the teacher to their island, to lead a class.

Thinking about signing up? Here's a peek at a couple of easy moves. It's easier to get out of a choke than you might think. Professor Steve McLaughlin demonstrates, "Tirst thing, break their foot. Then they can't chase you, once you do get out. Number two, use the leverage of your arm. Get loose. Once you're loose, now you can escape."

It's that simple. What about getting choked from behind? McLaughlin assures, "Three to five pounds of pressure will keep you from being choked. Now you have time to react to get out. Once you get to a spot where you think you can get out, twist yourself out and run. That's all!"

However, McLaughlin reminds people that prevention is the best method. "It's self defense prevention that's more important. That's what we teach. Assault prevention; how to keep from getting in this position to begin with, and then the simplest ways to escape from it."

The next class is on February 24. Registration deadline for that class is February 15. It's $50 per person or $75 Parent/Child pair for a one-day, four hour course. It's held in Nuuanu at 61 Puiwa Rd.