Legislative Harmony

The Legislature began its annual session last week amid talks of working together and putting aside differences and all of the other good things people say when the party starts and you walk in the door.  Yes, someone probably even ventured forth with that great salvo that we support education.  Right on!  A daily paper quoted one senator as suggesting that the Superferry incident really rubbed some people the wrong way because they felt "irrelevant, ignored, and helpless."  Actually, those might be the big three feelings voters possess en masse as we seem to have a rather apathetic public when it comes to adamantly demanding that legislators be held accountable and act quickly on things.

UH is going to get more money to repair a bunch of things on upper and lower campus--not sure why it took a January tour of legislators or a coach leaving to make this situation any more apparent than it has been for years, but ok, let's see what they can do.  And here's the real key for you and me.  It's an election year; all of these people need to prove to us why they deserve to remain in office--that's the way it works.  Of course, opposition is often so weak or non-existent in some races, and thus getting elected occurs by default at times.

So keep an eye on your area senators and representatives.  Keep up on legislative jockeying about community and statewide issues that really mean something--education, homelessness, taxes, affordable housing, healthcare, agriculture, natural resources, the cost of living, cultural issues, etc.  Make a call or send an e-mail or letter and encourage your friends to do the same.   After all, our elected officials want your trust, your support, and of course, your vote.  So if everyone is really working together in a harmonic "we are the world"--like choir, then let's make sure that they not only sing that song, but act on it.  For while the song sounds awfully pretty right now, actions invariably speak louder than words.  Think About It.