Boy Awarded for Saving Family From House Fire

Shaun Saffery
Shaun Saffery
Lei Saffery
Lei Saffery

OAHU (KHNL)-- A third grader was honored for his brave efforts to save eight members of his family from a house fire last October.

Shaun Saffery asked his sister, "What number do you call when you have a fire?"

"Call 911,"she replied.

9-Year-old Shaun Saffery took this fire fighter's safety guide home to make an evacuation plan with his family.

Little did he know that just one week later, by doing his homework he would become a hero.

"He did wake up to flames and smoke so he got up and he was yelling fire, fire, fire," Shaun's mom Lei Saffery said.

"It was really scary, the flames were super big, so it was hard to get everybody out because it was just coming super fast," Shaun said.

It was a fire in the home next door, that woke Shaun up.

"I told them to wake up my sisters and get out of the house like as fast as you can," Shaun said.

Shaun and his family received awards from the Honolulu Fire Department during an assembly at Pauoa Elementary School.

"Happy, I never thought this would happen to me," Shaun said.

"I really am proud of him as well as my other children because they all knew what to do," Lei said.

All thanks to firefighters efforts to educate keiki.

Pauoa Elementary was one of five schools given a reward from the Gas Company for 100%  student participation in the fire safety homework assignment that saved Shaun and his family's lives.