State Board Votes Against Random Drug Testing

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The State Board of Education votes unanimously against funding a proposed drug testing program for public school teachers.

Last year, the state offered teachers a raise during last year's contract negotiations, under one condition:

Teachers must say 'yes' to random drug tests.

The American Civil Liberties union urged Governor Linda Lingle to withdraw her plan.

Then Thursday night, the board voted.

The ACLU's drug law reform project director says the board made the right decision.

"The Board realized that any money for drug testing was going to come straight out of the classrooms, out of student services, and they decided they'd rather spend the money on students, on laptops, on things like that, rather than on drug testing in which they objected to as being ineffective and also insulting to teachers," said Graham Boyd, ACLU Drug Law Reform Project Director.

The School Board says it will revisit the issue at its February meeting.