Hawaii Says Aloha to 'Messenger of Love'

Melveen Yamamoto
Melveen Yamamoto
Les Laau Kent
Les Laau Kent
Lilo Asiata
Lilo Asiata

NUUANU (KHNL) -- Cyrus Belt's life was tragically cut short a week ago Thursday. The baby's violent death left the state shocked. But Thursday night, mourners focused not on the crime, but instead how the young boy helped unite the state.

The funeral at Nuuanu Memorial Park was a heartfelt ceremony. There were lots of tears, hugs, and prayers. Cyrus' family, friends, and even complete strangers came to pay their respects.

"My salvation shall be because of the Lord," a woman sang at Cyrus' funeral.

It was a funeral service for a baby just shy of his second birthday.

"Cyrus has gone home to Heavenly Father, and he will always watch over here," said Rosemary Kent, a family friend who spoke during the ceremony.

Family, friends and even those who didn't know Cyrus personally came to honor the young boy.

"It's really great to see how much people are coming to pay their respects, and say good-bye," said Melveen Yamamoto, a family friend.

All of the outpouring of love to this family and this little boy.

Cyrus' dad David Belt came earlier in the afternoon for a private viewing. He is currently serving time for drug related violations.

"It's really hurting because he has to see his son this way, and it's not the best way," said Yamamoto. "He had goals that he was going to turn his life around and make everything better, but unfortunately it's too late."

While many are still stunned and angry over Cyrus' tragic death, his family hoped during the night of the funeral, the healing process can begin.

"The message delivered tonight was love," said Les Laau Kent, Cyrus' relative. "How can we turn hatred to love? That's the messenger right there. Cyrus is the messenger."

"I really feel it," said Lilo Asiata, Cyrus' grandfather. "My grandson has touched so many lives, so many hearts."

And the outpouring of love for Cyrus and the family has meant the world to Asiata.

"We feel so fortunate," he said. "And we don't have enough words to express how thankful we are."

Thankful for the compassion people have shown Cyrus.

Grateful for the love from the entire state of Hawaii.

Cyrus' family is also grateful for the outpouring of support at the Miller Street overpass, the place where the baby died. It has turned into a makeshift memorial, with people bringing toys, balloons, and stuffed animals.

The family announced Thursday night they are working with the U.S. Army to donate these items to needy children in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cyrus will be buried next week at Hawaiian Memorial Park.