Navy's Newest F-18's Roar into Kaneohe

Lt. 'Vern' Vernallis
Lt. 'Vern' Vernallis

KANEOHE (KHNL)--Windward Oahu residents, be advised, things are about to get noisier in the neighborhood. That's because eight F-18 fighter jets are visiting for a few weeks to conduct training.

The Navy jets will conduct air to air training with our locally based F-15's.

They will be dog fighting about 50 miles north of the islands but windward neighbors will still likely hear them when they take off and land.

They are nicknamed Vampire Super Hornets. They swoop in over Kaneohe Bay landing with a roar. It's an easy runway for them since these pilots are trained to fly these jets off the deck of a carrier.

Many on Oahu were wowed by the Blue Angels who fly older model F-18's.

That is a demonstration team. This is a war fighting machine. Much like test pilots, their mission here is to put all the new bells and whistles through the paces in a mock combat environment.

"The block 2 Super Hornet basically encompasses a lot of advancements over the old legacy hornet. It has more ability to go further range and carry more weapons and it has a more powerful radar,"  said Navy Pilot Lt. Aaron"Vern" Vernallis.

They'll battle Hawaii's F-15 pilots in aerial dog fights.

"Basically coming out to Hawaii gives us an opportunity to work on the total environment over land and water. A situation similar to working off a ship. We use the 199th they are very good aggressors for us," said Lt. Vernallis.

These aircraft will eventually be sent on combat missions in the war on terror.

The visiting squadron says they are doing everything possible to reduce noise. They won't be flying before 8 a.m. and they will not fly over the island of Oahu.

But if you live near the base and feel your windows rattle, it's not likely a earthquake, rather the vampires taking off.